Hi, I’m Robert Minchin and this is one of three websites I currently host.
This one is all about my artistic ‘creations’.  I use the term loosely.

OH MY GOD – Do I look young in that photo – taken when I first resumed painting in 2003!   I really do need a new photo… Selfie time!

I’ve always been interested in art and photography since being a young child; I studied art and photography at school and later attended classes at the Chesterfield Art College in Mansfield where I concentrated on pencil and charcoal sketching.

After starting work my art activities lapsed, as I concentrated on my new love for photography.  At the same time my passion for travelling grew, at first close to home, like France and Spain, but later our travels reached further afield, helped a lot by my work that was also sending me all over the world.

If you are interested in our travels, then kindly visit our sister website http://www.rob-and-sue.uk

After a lull spanning a good few years I  rekindled my interest in arts, and I decided try my hand first at watercolours, and from there I quickly moved on to oil painting which is now my favourite medium by far.

I find painting very relaxing, and day to day stresses are soon forgotten as the paint touches canvas.  Much of my inspiration comes from our travels, and it seems the perfect fit for two quite different interests.

Although I favour landscapes, my collection features a broad range of subjects with something to suit everyone’s taste.

I feel very fortunate that my paintings are now on display all over the world, including Europe, South East Asia and the USA, and many points in between.

I hope you enjoy your visit and I look forward to seeing you return in the future.


Robert Minchin.